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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Without A Smile On

See me without my friends around
and you just might see me without my smile on
You might catch a glimpse
of how I really feel
When I'm alone and thoughts protrude.
Look at me
and tell me
that you know it isn't a mask
the smiles that I sell.
I'll laugh at you.
I've gotten real good at this
if I can fool you, my friend.
Because trust me
I don't like life
anymore than it likes me.
I think happy thoughts to keep that smile on
because my problems aren't for others to see
because my problems are small compared to yours.
People would kill for a life like mine
so why would I kill for something different?
Catch me on my own
and you just might see me without my smile on
if, that is, you see me
before I know you're there.

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