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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weird Dreams

People would not believe the sort of dreams I have. I don't have many dreams either, but when I do, they are so vivid! Last night was crazy in my head. I dreamed that I was at some sort of concert type thing and I won something. So I had to go up to the stage to get my prize. By the time I got there, this big shell like thing that was on the stage opened and there were people inside. I claimed my prize and went back to my seat (I had to climb and walk on top of some very unappreciative people). When I got back to my seat the shell was closing with the people still inside, and the people inside looked shocked. So, I stood up and shouted to the host of the concert. I asked what was happening to them. He replied nothing, don't worry about it, they'll be fine, etc. I asked again. He glared and told me to sit down. Then I said let them go. And he asked why? saying that the people inside would die anyway due to exposure to the shell's inside (i know thats weird but just go with it). I replied with "Then at least let them die free" or something very close to that. Then he said fine, and opened the shell.

But THEN he starts auctioning off the people. Now this dream was really starting to scare me. But my dream self stood up for the people. I got in a fight trying to prove a point. And then.....I woke up. Crappy right? Things were so interesting then, nothing, just nothing.

But the craziest part is that I had an equally crazy dream right before this one.


~Anora Anakaya~

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