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Friday, December 3, 2010

It is time

Life only gets harder to live as we go on. So its time to stop worrying, forget those that make you sad, remember your mistakes, regret nothing, never let your friends go, and always smile.  

Somethings never get easier, but only harder. 


To seek art in 
perfect form
drawn on paper, still

a skill unlearned
formed by a dying hand

To dreams that we aspire
to words we left unwritten
to never have accomplished 
and to wish to always have.

To not succeed 
and always fail
but to gain in knowledge still

The words 'keep trying'
running through my mind.

Thomas Edison once said "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have
successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb."

Keep trying and one day, you just might get there.

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