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Links and Reviews

8 tracks- Great site for free mixed music. You can create your own mixes as well as listen to others. However, not a very family friendly site due to the heavy reliance on community. Login not required.

Arena Net- Great for all Guild Wars news! 

Guild Wars- More Guild Wars news!

Hello Poetry- Great for reading poetry and posting your own. Great community driven site. Login not required.

Life In Fiction- Impossible to find a better blog that shares writings. 

Open Study- Great community driven site for all homework help needs. College students and High School students come here!!! It's LIVE help from others. Free. Login not required. 

Pandora- Free Personalized Internet Radio. Plays commercials every once in awhile but so much better than what you hear while playing the radio in your car. I don't know if login is required anymore or not. 

Smart History- Have an art history class that you can't stay awake through? Go here for all information you'll ever need. Mostly videos but also some articles. Free of course. No login required.

StudyBlue- A website to make flashcards. So helpful. Got me through my Botany class. Also free. Login required.

The Khan Academy- Best site ever for math and science tutoring. Video based. Would not have survived Calculus without Khan. Free. Login not required. 

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