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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes I can't wait
until I can get up and leave this ride.
Sometimes I can only see
the green grass on the other side

All you proclaim
is the greenest is here
All you proclaim
is exactly what I do not want to hear.

Take from me nothing
Smother the breath from me
Shut down my living
Kill me ever so slowly

Separate me from all I know
Speak all you wish to hear
Believe your own lies
I'll shut down my ears.

I'm not a puppet to be controlled
I'm a free and individual soul
Soon I'll cut my ties to this place
Soon I'll be allowed to leave

Stop holding me back
let me move on
Stop trying to make this
something it's not.

You're hurting me,
digging claws into my flesh,
and scream shouts of pain
that should come from my mouth.

You shut down my voice
you call me a lier,
a speaker of daggers,
But look at the point of your own sharp words
covered in blood
mucus and bile.
See what you have dragged up from me
and call me toward cruelty
for making you see:

You are no better than me.

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