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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Few New Favorites

So recently I have found three sites that I have absolutely fallen in love with: Hello Poetry, StudyBlue, and StumbleUpon. So, I know that StumbleUpon is old news but sometimes I get behind on the times. It is the most efficient time waster ever. It has helped me find helpful homework links (from those pesty current event posting requirements in history class to links that help me get through reading Hamlet in a timely manner) and has also added quite a bit of humor to my day. So.... Those of you who don't know it, go check it out. Those of you that do, good for you.

Hello Poetry (HP for short) is a place to post poems and get reviews. It has a large community and some interesting features. I've even gotten feedback from one of the staff members! It really is great. I get to read others' works and leave my thoughts as well as get new ideas for my own work. Check it out. Hello Poetry.

StudyBlue is in a completely different direction. It is a site that helps you make flashcards. You can share these flashcards with friends and classmates to help them out or you can keep them to yourself. Currently, it is helping me prepare for a Botany test that I may likely fail. They even have a mobile app for your smartphone! Here their link.

Don't fret about bookmarking these too much. I'll be adding them to my favorite links corner to the right.
Have fun enjoying these lovely sites :)

~Anora Anakaya~

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