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Friday, October 7, 2011


My heart is breaking
My body aching
and those gremlins
are out to get me.

First they came
when I was scared to believe
now they make me shake
at the thought of losing,
or missing out on, you.

Is it true what they whisper?
Or do I fool myself
by opening my ears?

I'm falling down a rabbit hole
and I'm passing by all these strange things:

The feeling of love
bottled on a shelf
labeled with a sticky-note
Fear personified
in a little corner hiding
from itself
And my own naivety
written out on walls,
painted with blood.

And I'm falling farther and farther down
deeper into despair.
Music doesn't dull
my senses
as it used to.
No, it sharpens them
into deadly knives,
all pointed at my heart.

Let's follow the yellow brick road
down to Oz
Maybe the wizard can give my heart
to a lion
that lacks compassion.

Perhaps I could enter
the 100 Acre Wood
and laugh my troubles away
with T-I- double G- ER.
Or maybe Owl has words of wisdom.

Perhaps Peter
could teach me to fly
just happy thoughts and pixie dust?

I think Cruella
might hurt me more,
those poor dalmatians
But then again,
poor me.

I hate this falling. .

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