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Monday, January 24, 2011

When We Dream

When we dream,
We don't see the stars.
When we dream,
we look down,
over the edge of the great wings
that keep us among the clouds,
not yet decided,
not yet committed.
And when we look over the edge,
we see the millions
who tried
and failed.
And we dare not be among them,
for their great wings have died.
Yet we descend
ever so slowly
the longer we wait
to chase our desires.
We fear the fall
too much to ascend
and climb the skies
to fly among the stars.
We fear dying,
we fear failure.
We want to stand out
not fall down.
And as our wings slowly fall
we never realize
until our feet touch the ground.
Then the stars look farther away,
then they ever did before.

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