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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Die Whole

We're all dying.
Through heartache
through all those things
we die.
Too much stress,
too little life.
Sure it's eighty some years now
before we pass away,
thanks to medicine
But we die.
That won't change.
we weren't meant to live to eighty anyway.
Forty maybe,
but not eighty,
not one hundred certainly.
But we all want to live longer,
get married later,
die older,
have kids at thirty-five.
Except me.
I want to die sooner,
skip out on those
'life-preserving' drugs,
get married at twenty-four
maybe twenty-five,
have kids soon after,
die at fifty.
I think that'd be a good life.
Because otherwise,
you postpone the inevitable
its like procrastinating.
And why do we procrastinate?
because we fear the end?
because we are lazy?
well I'm not.
I want this life to get going already.
I mean really,
get this over with already.
Don't get me wrong
I love life
I like living
But if we were meant to live to one hundred
wouldn't our bodies be designed to last til then?
Instead we are wearing out,
our body parts decay
before we even die.
I don't want that.
I want to die whole,
Nothing rotting away.

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