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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ever think its too much?
This life that you're living?

Homework and work
and classes and life?
Late nights
early mornings
long days
with sleepless nights?

So much to do
and so much
 wanted to be done
only 24 hours,
or 1440 minutes
or 86400 seconds
per day.
8 hours
or 480 minutes
or 28800 seconds

Look at all that wasted time.

6 hours of work
per week.
7.50 per hour.
45 per week.

Hello gas money.

But what about those shoes
or prom this year?
What about that summer camp
and soccer fees?
Where's that money coming from?
Not me.
Not yet.

So, am I striving for too much at once?
Working to hard
for the hours in a day
for something out of reach?

I pray to God that I'm not.

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