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Monday, November 2, 2009

Life After Death

An author uses scientific data to support conciousness after death. Click here to view the story.

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  1. where is the "scientific data" that supports "consciousness after death"? it seems like d'souza is studying more how religion (and interestingly enough, only christianity) may possibly coincide with science; not that the science he is researching "proves" an afterlife. so, a few points i would urge anyone reading this to consider:

    - "... and D'Souza's book attempts to build a case on unshakable scientific grounds for the survival of consciousness beyond death." ***nothing in science is unshakeable. anything can be disproven at any given time.


    -would "incontrovertible proof of [an] afterlife" do more to harm faith than help it? proof and faith are contradictions if paired with one another.

    - and lastly, the author(s) often uses phrases that seem a little... biased(?)
    a.) "I can't help wondering what D'Souza, a well-known conservative political commentator starting a second career as a Christian apologist..." ***so we know what the author will want to see. and since his career and future endeavors depend on an outcome favorable to his position, do you think that might play with the odds of him seeing something, whether it is there or not?
    b.) "And if your smart-alecky kid, full of all that Galileo stuff they get in school nowadays." ***you mean, like the world not being the center of the universe? lol going against widespread christian belief in galileo's time.
    c.) "C. S. Lewis addressed issues from his own era, such as the Holocaust," D'Souza notes, "but today we have new questions—about Darwin, brain science, modern physics, and Islamic terrorism. The new atheists have done believers a favor by putting the issue of faith on the agenda. If I'd written this book 10 years ago, people would have asked, 'why?' "***so much i disagree with in this quote haha. darwin wasn't an issue in the scientific world while WW2 was going on? brain science and modern physics weren't issues at the time either? terror is solely perpetrated by the Islamic world? Atheist and Christian authors have always written back and forth, 10 years ago or 10 years from now, it makes little difference.

    so i should probably make it clear, i am no where near an atheist. i very much believe in the lord as my shepard and jesus christ as my savior. but i also believe in playing the devil's advocate (pun intended).


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