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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Reason

Everyone has a different reason
a different way to go about
a different excuse to let them
get through the day.
Mine is simple
I'm not done yet.
I haven't even started
not even close.
I'm still working on
the next great thing.
The idea has not yet come
the plan still does not exist
and guess what?
I'm still farther along than you.

What is your reason?
Why do you live?
Do you seek love, fortune, or fame?
Or to make a difference?
To be remembered?
Will you be forgotten?
I hope I'm not.
But I don't want to be remembered here.
Here I will always be forgotten
and attempted to be outdone.
So not earthly remembrance
but rather in the heavens
where my Savior can find me
truly perfect
for once in my life.

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